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Elegant Wedding Invites

Welcome to Elegant Wedding Invites! We are an online cheap wedding invitations shop specializing in stylish and chic wedding invitations all designs printed on your choice of three kinds of stock card. Elegant Wedding Invites offers a variety of styles including modern, peacock, vintage, rustic, watercolor and pocket wedding invitations. Browse our collection through seasons like… read more »

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Royal Blue Wedding Shoes

Royal blue bridal shoes are for the bride who is looking for a deep blue shoe for her wedding day. A beautiful way to have your ‘something blue’ be a part of your wedding attire, many brides are now turning to their shoes to fulfill this special tradition. Blue shoes aren’t just for the bride… read more »

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Ceramic Wedding Bands

Ceramic Wedding Bands Ceramic wedding bands are created by combining the newest technologies with exotic contemporary materials, and stays polished forever. More About Ceramic → Contemporary Metals Comparison → 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on Every Ring → Designer Black Ceramic Wedding Bands Black Ceramic Wedding Bands with Inlays Grooved Black Ceramic Wedding Bands Black… read more »

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Women Wedding Rings

Who doesn't love diamond rings? Not only are diamond rings romantic gestures that profess your love for each other, but they also are stunning fashion accessories. Diamond rings are elegant gifts that can be used to celebrate a personal milestone such as graduating from college, having a baby, or getting promoted. Shop Diamond Rings &#187… read more »

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Vintage Wedding Rings

Vintage & Antique Engagement Rings An authentic antique engagement ring comes from a certain historical Era. These Eras are the inspiration for our company name, EraGem. Victorian Engagement Rings 1837-1900 were primarily crafted of yellow gold, the halo setting was popular, and the tradition of engagement/wedding rings became widespread. Edwardian Engagement Rings 1901-1910 featured floral… read more »

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Platinum Wedding Bands

All platinum wedding bands from e- Wedding Bands contain 95% pure platinum and are made from the highest quality seamless tubing, with the exception of a few of our unique and/or hand-woven styles. All of our wedding bands made from seamless tubing contain 95% platinum and 5% ruthenium. This particular platinum/ruthenium alloy combination — generally… read more »

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Camo Wedding Rings

From snow camo to Realtree camo and everything in between, there are almost as many camo patterns as there are shades of white. Below are some of the most common camo patterns in use. Hunting Camouflage Hunting camouflage is used by hunters to blend into their surroundings by mimicking a specific environment. This type of… read more »

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Comfortable Wedding Shoes

Your feet will feel like superstars on your special day with comfortable wedding shoes as all eyes are on you and cameras flashing all around! However, if your feet hurt it shows on your face, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes for bride on your big day. If you want to wear wedding heels… read more »

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Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Amaze your loved ones with thrilling Anniversary Gifts A wedding anniversary is a perfect opportunity to celebrate your immense love for your partner. Every married person seeks to surprise their partner with beautiful gifts on anniversary celebrations to make them feel incredibly special. To enhance your or your loved ones’ celebration’s amusement, we offer a… read more »